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Plushenko Taking Heat After Olympic Drop Out

After winning the first gold medal for Russia in the Sochi Winter Olympics, Evengi Plushenko took some heat for dropping out of the men's figure skating.

Plushenko dropped out because he was having several pains during his warmup. Russians didn't respond too well. He was Russia's only men singles skater in Sochi. This lead to many people who criticized Plushenko. Many people said that his dropout was a blow to Russia's national pride. Critics said things like "play through the pain" and "its hard to sympathize for him" . 

While Plushenko has taken much heat from his decision, I agree with his situation. If you feel pain, don't create a worse situation for yourself. I have learned from experience as my ankles have become terrible from being re-injured time after time.

This is a great example of the diversity of cultures and beliefs. What Americans would view as an understandable move, Russians see it as a shame. It appears as if Plushenko is skating on "thin ice" in Russia.

DeMarcus Ware Set for Elbow Surgery

Cowboys star DE DeMarcus Ware is set to have surgery on his elbow the 18th of February. No need to worry as Ware said he plans on participating in most of the off-season activities.

The elbow has actually cause Ware trouble for the past two years and he was hoping that it would blow over and he could move on.

Ware didn't have the most productive season as he was out during part of it with his quadriceps strain. Ware also had surgery on his shoulder last year. He had a career low in sacks this season. Don't fret Cowboy fans, injuries are just part of the game. Ware is still a dominating figure in the NFL and will come back stronger and better than ever.

NBA Trade Rumor: Zach Randolph to the Suns?

The NBA trade deadline is approaching fast, and there are many moves that could happen in between now and February 20th. As teams scramble to try and make things happen, the Suns made a bold move and contacted the Memphis Grizzlies about a possible trade for Zach Randolph.

According to Sam Amick, the Suns contacted the Grizzlies about Randolph. Keep in mind that Phoenix has Emeka Okafor and a ton of first round picks in the upcoming draft. 

Memphis candidly said that Randolph wasn't available, and that a deal probably wouldn't happen. If the Grizzlies find out that they can't keep Randolph and he will walk in free agency, they might reconsider a deal.

One thing that we can take away from this is the fact that the Suns want to get rid of Okafor. Don't be surprised if the Suns make a move as that is likely to happen.