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Broncos vs Eagles Preview

   This weeks match-up that includes the Denver Broncos and the Philadelphia Eagles may be an interesting game to turn on. While the Broncos are obliterating their opponents, the Eagles may give them a run for their money. 

Philadelphia has the big 3 on the offensive side that may give Denver some struggles. The Eagles big 3 threats include Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, and DeSean Jackson. Denver's defense will need to get pressure on Vick, which I believe they will do. One big part of this game is Philadelphia's run game. If Denver wants to win this game, then they will have to shut down McCoy. 

As for the Eagles, well, you better hope Peyton Manning doesn't torch your defense too bad. It could be another day for the veteran QB to come out and put up a video game performance. Philadelphia will need to cover Decker, Welker, and Thomas very well. Shutting down Denver's offense is the key to this game. Denver will put up points but the Eagles have to stay strong mentally and outscore the Broncos which will be tough to do.

Philadelphia must create turnovers and score on the offensive side. The Eagles can definitely score with Vick, McCoy, and Jackson. However, they will need to include Cooper and other players on the offensive side if they want to beat Denver.