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NBA "Nickname" Jerseys


   The NBA is currently trying to approve a "nickname" jersey for this upcoming year. Some people believe this is a good idea, and some don't. I am one of the rare sports fans who doesn't think this is the greatest idea. It is a cool and unique idea but not good for the sport of the NBA. Just think about it. Basketball is a team sport. It is meant to be played with all five guys on the court. I think that bringing in jerseys with nicknames will show individualism, which is not need on a basketball team. What do players that don't have nicknames do? Well, they would more than likely make one up which is kind of stupid in my opinion. The NBA needs to stay away from this "nickname" jersey and just stick to the good old fashioned way. If they want to sell these jerseys and make money off of them, then sure that's fine. I just think that having players wearing a "nickname" jersey rather than a normal one will bring issues between some players. Who knows, for all I know I could be polar opposite of what would happen. For now, all we can really do is sit back and see what the NBA decides to do about the "nickname" jersey. Do you think it is a good idea? Leave me your comments or tweet me @BFSportsTalk.