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Jaguars: Tebow Time Yet?

   The Jaguars are bad. It is as simple as that. Blaine Gabbert has performed so poorly, Robin Hood is about to steal wins and give them to Jacksonville. Most of the Jaguar starters are not bad players. The QB is the problem in North Florida for the Jaguars. The team has struggled to sell tickets and fill the stadium. Things are looking very ugly for the Jags and it is time to do something about it. Something that not many teams would do in this situation. The stage is set, lights are on, camera rolling, and now for the main man of the show...Tim Tebow. That's right, I said it.

Jacksonville would be foolish not to sign Tebow. The former Patriot QB has been jobless for about a month. Even if Tebow didn't perform very well, it couldn't get much worse than Gabbert. Tebow has the perfect setup. All fans would love to see Tim play for the Jaguars. He is a blood-born Floridian and the guy finds ways to make things happen. Just think about it, the Jaguars would make a killing off of selling his jerseys and plus they would fill seats because everybody wants to see Tebow. I just don't see how he could be any worse than what they have been dealing with. The Jaguars better do something soon if they want a chance to save their season.