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Chiefs Really Surprising?


Is Kansas City really that surprising? Surely the two win Chiefs from a year ago are not the same. The Chiefs made many off-season moves. There are two in particular that I believe have changed this football team.

Kansas City has made a huge impression starting off 4-0. How have they accomplished this you ask? Well there are two men who have made it possible. The additions of Andy Reid and Alex Smith. Getting rid of Romeo Cornell was one of the biggest moves the Chiefs made. This then opened up for former Eagles coach Andy Reid. Reid needed out of Philadelphia and Kansas City was the answer. The Chiefs needed a new QB and with an unhappy Alex Smith in San Fran, that opened a golden road to Arrowhead nation. With a pass-happy coach in Reid and a solid QB in Alex Smith we have seen the Chiefs at the highest playing level they have been in years.

With this Chiefs team, they are making a threat for the Broncos in the division and also could make a push at a wild card spot if they fail against Denver. Right now, everyone is looking forward to the Denver and Kansas City match-up. The fast start that the Chiefs have been absolutely astonishing to most football fans. Don't underestimate this football team. They are more than capable of causing damage to some NFL teams like the Broncos.