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Different For Romo This Year?

   The Dallas Cowboys are off to a hot start. They are currently atop their division the NFC East. While the NFC East is not the most challenging division in football, it's still a dogfight to win that division. I had predicted that the Redskins would win that division. However, a man by the name of Tony Romo. Romo has looked decent this year so far. What will be interesting to see is if he can maintain this level of play the WHOLE season. 

Dallas has upgraded their offensive line and they have a pretty good receiving core led by Dez Bryant. Also, their running game isn't terrible either. Romo is the center of attention in Dallas. He will either help the Cowboys make it to the playoffs, or he will he is known for. I think that Romo can really turn things around this year. Being protected better in the pocket to hit his open receivers is what he has really needed these past couple years. America's team might have a shot but they do have the Redskins to fear still. New York has gone off the deep end and Philly is questionable. If anyone gives the Cowboys and Romo a run for their money I would say it would be the Redskins. So how good will Romo be? You can comment below or tweet me @BFSportsTalk.