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Levi Brown and Adrian Peterson

   Two totally different players, with so much in common. Levi Brown was traded from the Arizona Cardinals to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Some believe this was a smart move, and some people are wondering what the Cardinals plan to do with the tackle position.

If you remember way back when in the 2007 NFL Draft there were many future stars in the draft. Two that I want to focus on that were drafted within three picks. The Cardinals took Brown at number 5 who was a star lineman in college. Turns out that Brown gets nothing but penalties during games. Brown who has been an okay player but has been more of a disappointment has found himself traded and on a new team. Here is where it gets interesting.

Adrian Peterson was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings at pick number 7 just two picks away from Levi Brown. Peterson has now made himself known as probably the best RB in the NFL today. To think that the Cardinals could have drafted Peterson and passed on Brown would make any Cards fan sick. Yet again here is another case of a draft bust who was supposed to be a star. This is why I love the draft. This won't be the last example, as there will be plenty more to come.