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Colts a Legitimate Threat?

   One big question I have so far this season would have to be the Indianapolis Colts. With second year QB Andrew Luck leading the team, can the Colts be a legit threat? My answer would be yes. Luck has played up to his expectations and I would say he is the next Peyton Manning of this league. 

The Colts really aren't in a bad position right now. Currently they are 3-1 sitting atop the AFC South. This is a rather impressive achievement thus this far mainly because they are in front of the Texans who I thought would play a lot better. 

Adding RB Trent Richardson was a huge move for this Colts team. Risky, but worth it. Richardson has had his share of injuries but with being a solid running back and having a QB like Andrew Luck in front of him, I think Richardson will succeed in Indianapolis. Offensively the Colts are in pretty good shape and could maybe get another solid receiver or tight end but overall they look pretty good.

Indianapolis doesn't have as good of a defense as other teams but still they have some great players like Pat Angerer, Robert Mathis, and Antoine Bethea. The Colts could definitely upgrade their defense but so far they really haven't disappointed. Really, the main issue for the Colts will be their defense. If Indy can stay strong and healthy look for them to make a push in the playoffs.