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A-Rod Suing Baseball

   Anyone else sick and tired of Alex Rodriguez? I know I am. Some breaking news has came out the A-Rod is suing the MLB for "tortuous interference" to try and ban him from the sport and cost him millions of dollars.

The arbitration hearing for Rodriguez had started this Monday for him and his legal team. A-Rod is basically saying that the MLB paid 150K in cash for the stolen records that were in connection with Rodriguez. The legal team also claims that the MLB had paid Tony Bosch 5 million for his company. These are his arguments. 

Before Rodriguez's suspension was released I thought that the MLB if they truly wanted to get rid of this PED problem, then they would make A-Rod the example and put the lifetime ban on him. Now that he is causing even more issues and fighting this tooth and nail, the MLB needs to fight to get rid of him for good. 

A-Rod must think that the world revolves around him and not the sun. This is such a ridiculous and in my opinion childish act to try to make his money back that he will be losing during his suspension. I have no idea how Rodriguez can possibly think that he is innocent. He has been caught before, they have enough evidence I have read to ban him for life, and he is trying to do every possible thing to get out of this. Nobody believes the guy besides himself. I think it's time to get rid of Rodriguez and move on. Not sure that it will happen but I think for the good of the sport that they should try.