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Is Bridgewater/Cardinals Overrated?

    Just a quick thought on the Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater. Everyone has been very impressed by his play and how he has performed. Personally however, I believe not only the guy but the Cardinals as a team are just a bit overrated. Think about it though. The Louisville Cardinals have such a soft schedule. Look at who they have and will play this season: 

These are teams that really aren't competition for any ranked teams. Cincinnati is probably the one toughest team they have to face this year. This week they are taking on Temple who is 0-4. I don't know how a team with this kind of schedule can possibly be ranked. Of course when you play teams like Florida International who nobody has ever heard of will get demolished. Bridgewater has had a great performance but I would like to see him play against teams like Alabama and LSU etc. Then maybe we would see who the real Teddy Bridgewater was.