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Match-up of the Weekend: Eagles Vs. Giants


   On Sunday afternoon the Eagles will be playing the Giants in what seems to be this weeks big match-up. Although both teams are not very good, this is a divisional game that counts big time. Philly currently sits at 1-3 while the Giants are winless at 0-4 in the NFC East. The Cowboys are taking on Denver who they will more than likely lose to. If the Eagles can grind out this win against New York then they could see themselves tied for first place in the division. This game is also huge for the Giants as they need to start winning if they want a chance at the playoffs. Expect a physical and energetic game as these two teams need the win. I would say that the Giants will be getting their first win tomorrow. Eli needs to get the team going and this is the game where he starts getting that done. Game kicks off at 1:00 ET.