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Denver vs Dallas Postgame Thoughts


If you missed the Bronco vs Cowboy game, you probably missed one of the best games of the year. It was Peyton vs Romo the entire game. It was score after score. Denver did look like they would run away with the game but the Cowboys made a comeback. There wasn't much defense played in the game as Romo lit up the Denver secondary. In the fourth the game was tied with about two and a half minutes remaining. Cowboys had the ball and it was the perfect situation. Drive down and kick a field goal to beat the blue and orange. As we all know history repeats itself and well, Romo threw an interception to give Denver the ball that would end up being a kicked field goal by Prater. Denver won. Upon reading my Facebook timeline and seeing that most Dallas fans were blaming Romo, it wasn't all his fault. The Cowboys had many opportunities to shut down Denver on defense but came up short. Dallas's receiving core also had some key dropped passes. In the end, it came down to the final minutes and Denver stepped up and took this game from Dallas.