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Cardinals Move On to Face Dodgers in NLCS


   The St. Louis Cardinals have advanced to the NLCS after beating the Pittsburgh Pirates 6-1 in the final NLDS game between the two. St. Louis stepped up and played the Pirates very well. The Cardinals have always struggled when playing the Pirates and most people had the Pirates beating out the Red Birds. Jon Jay came up huge in the bottom of the six with an RBI that put the Cards up 3-0. The Pirates made a short lived comeback and made it 3-1 but then Matt Adams hit a two run homerun in the bottom of the eighth putting the Cardinals up 5-1. St. Louis's defense was very good during the game and that played a big role along with Adam Wainwright's pitching. Moving on to the next challenge which will be the Los Angeles Dodgers. L.A. has been a storybook team this season and we can expect a great matchup between the two teams. Here is the schedule for the NLCS games: 

I can't wait for this series. It should be a good series and either the Cardinals or Dodgers will end up in the 109th World Series. What are your predictions?