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Michael Jordan One Game Comeback?


   This might be old news for some of you, but I just found this out. There is a rumor about Michael Jordan. Story has it, that Jordan would make a one-game comeback this season with the Bobcats. Something that you don't see everyday. This is exactly what the NBA needs. Could you imagine if the Jordan played in one game against the Lakers or Heat. T.V. ratings would be skyrocketed. The debate of LeBron and Jordan has been a popular one lately and we could see that happen. We all know that MJ can still dunk at the incredible age of 50, but what if he could play a fast paced game against one of today's best NBA players? There is a stipulation however. Since Jordan owns the Bobcats, he would have to sell the team to someone for a day or two so he could be eligible to play or the NBA would have to get rid of its rule from keeping players owning part of their team. This is a great idea and one that I think Jordan should go with. Now maybe Jordan wouldn't consider playing against a top team like the Lakers or Heat. Maybe he would choose to play in a game with lower level players. Who knows, maybe King James could be put in his place.