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Cavaliers: New Team, New Dream

   It's early for NBA predictions but there is one team that the NBA should look out for this year. Cleveland is that team, and with some new guys on the roster this year, the Cavs could make for a playoff push this year. Ever since LeBron left the Cavs to go join the Miami Heat, the team really hasn't been that great. They needed a new star and they got him a couple years ago. The rising star in Kyrie Irving is the one type of player that can change the Cavs. 

I really like this Cavalier team this year. I don't think they have enough talent to make it to the finals, but they do have the talent to make it to the playoffs. Cleveland also added players like Anthony Bennett, Andrew Bynum, Earl Clark, Jarret Jack, and Michael Lee. Bennett was taken as the first pick in this years draft. Bynum was a low risk high reward type of signing. Basically if Bynum can clean up his act he can be a huge player for this team. Jack was a good bench player for Golden State. The Cavs have a great bench and a solid team overall. I really think they can push for the playoffs because they are in the Eastern Conference which is not as competitive as the Western.

Cleveland reminds me of the Thunder. When OKC first started out they gained some talent and built themselves up to where they are today. I think that will happen with the Cavs. Certainly with rising stars like Irving and Bennett. Who knows maybe even Bynum can revive his career as one of the best big men in the leauge. This team has a lot of interesting things happening this season and I think by far they have a great chance at making the playoffs.