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Match-up of the Weekend: Saints vs. Patriots


This weeks match-up of the weekend includes the Saints vs. the Patriots. These are two very talented teams who both have a shot at winning this. With two fantastic quarterbacks at the helm of each team, it will be interesting to see if the Patriots can beat the undefeated Saints. New England has the edge as the Saints will travel to Foxboro this week. 

The biggest story in this match-up is that of Rob Gronkowski. Gronk has been cleared to play but the star tight-end told the media that he would decide when he wants to return. For fantasy owners that are excited, don't be. It is not expected that he will play this week against the Saints. 

I would have to take the Saints in this game. New Orleans has been nearly unstoppable and they go up against a lower talented defense. If the Patriots expect to win this game, then they are going to have to completely shut down Brees by getting pressure on him to get the ball out quickly. 

As for the Patriots, they will need to score a lot. By a lot...almost a perfect game. Brady will have to be spot on with his receivers and the Patriots run game will need to be a huge factor for them to win. If the Patriots win this game, it won't be because of their defense but because they simply outscored the Saints.