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Last Man Standing: Broncos or Chiefs?


We are left with two undefeated teams after week 6. The AFC West contains those two teams and they are the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs. Who will lose first? We may find out week 11 if both teams are still undefeated at that point. That's when the two teams take on each other for the first time this year.

Denver was rather expecting to come out with a start like this and I think they will continue the streak for now. As for Kansas City, they have been a completely surprising, stunning, and an energetic team to watch. No one would have told you that the Chiefs would come out and start their season 6-0 and say they were as good as the Broncos.

Let's be honest though. Kansas City was really only a head coach and a good quarterback away from being good and they went out and did that in the off-season. The big question now is who will be the last man standing. The Chiefs could give Denver a run for their money and week 11 is a week that people are marking on their calendars.

Will the Cheifs or the Broncos lose first? You tell me.