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Passing the Torch


    As I was talking to one of my good friends, we were discussing the Denver Broncos. He had mentioned to me how John Elway has passed the torch to Peyton Manning. Two of the best quarterbacks of all time are now teaming up and are in it to win it.

We really have not seen a good Broncos team since the 1997-98 Super Bowl team. This year is different. Denver is looking like a strong Super Bowl contender with such an explosive offense that most teams don't know how to stop them. 

In a way, this years Denver Broncos are very similar to the 1997-98 Broncos. Great quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, a solid tight end, and a great offensive line. This years defense is a little banged up and maybe not as good as the 97-98 defense.

The Broncos are currently sitting with the number one offense that has scored 265 points through six games. Manning has been nearly perfect and in my opinion having one of the best seasons of his career. The 97-98 Broncos team ended the season finishing with the number one offense scoring 472 points. This years team is already passed the halfway mark of that 472. 

However, the defenses are almost polar opposites of each other. This years defense is currently 24th in the league. You could argue that they have had more than their fair share of injuries and problems on the defensive side of the ball, but someone has to step up. The 97-98 team had finished 6th in the league. Pretty bold statement for the defense, but it is possible that they could turn things around once the team gets healthy. They also get the addition of Von Miller this week who has been serving his suspension.

Elway has passed the torch to Manning and Elway has chosen a great player to pass it on to. Elway has turned this Denver team around in a couple years and it looks as if Elway is bringing the winning ways back to Mile High.