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LeBron to Bring Back Short Shorts?


   You have to check out this hilarious content on LeBron James. This is a perfect time to bash on James if you are not one of his fans. James said he was curious how they played in short shorts. The superstar said this:

"I'm just wondering how in the heck they played like that. I might bring it back, though. I might play in some small shorts this year. Pay my homage to the '80s, to Dr. J and John Stockton. I don't think it's going to catch on, but I'm going to do it one game, maybe opening night. I can't go all the way up (the legs), though. Athletes today are built a little differently in the legs".

So I was on my Instagram account and lone behold, I came upon this awesome content of LeBron James in short shorts.

Of course he couldn't settle with just pictures. He posted a video on Instagram also. Try not to laugh:


After all, James is probably just seeking even more attention. Especially now that the season is about to start.