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Matchup of the Weekend: Broncos vs Colts


   This was easily the matchup of the week. The drama that is contained within this game is nearly impossible to comprehend. Probably the biggest story is that of Peyton Manning returning to his beloved Colts. Also second year quarterback Andrew Luck, who is similar and comparable to Manning. Two great teams, with two great stories, going at each other.

Denver is looking to stay undefeated and move on to 7-0. Can they do it? Indianapolis certainly has something to say about it. This is going to be a great game with a lot of scoring. I would expect both quarterbacks to have great games. Both Manning and Luck have been outstanding this season. 

Keys for the Colts to win are very obvious. Manning has to be stopped, or at least slowed down, if possible. Jacksonville surprisingly did that a few times last week against Denver. The Colts will need to slow the Broncos offense down if they want a chance. Offensively, well, Indy has to get the offense going not only through the air, but also on the ground. We know that Denver hasn't been very good as of lately with their pass coverage. Things may get a little better with Von Miller returning. Luck may have extra pressure and little time to get the ball out. Basically, the Colts offensive line will need to have an outstanding performance Sunday night.

Keys for the Broncos are pretty much polar opposite. Defensively, the Broncos have to be better with their pass coverage this week. Luck knows what he is doing and he won't miss a wide open man. Hopefully, Denver can get more pressure on Luck and stop Trent Richardson. Offensively the Broncos must strike first and get a big lead on the Colts. Moreno needs another big game and we will of course see a solid performance by the legendary quarterback Peyton Manning.

This matchup is going to be a thrill to watch. Who do you think will win this game? Can Denver stay undefeated, or will the Colts give them their first loss? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting me @BFSportsTalk