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Tebow Rumors: Don't Believe Them

 I see all these various articles, tweets, and Facebook posts about how certain teams might possibly sign Tim Tebow. Here's the simple answer to all these rumors. Tebow won't be signed. Honestly I think we are reaching a point in time where "Tebowmania" is starting to disappear and take a step back from society. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the guy and I think he is quite an athlete. 

Here is why these Tebow rumors won't come true. The NFL is now obviously been a passing league. Tebow has never been a great passing quarterback and I think his days of playing in the NFL as a QB are pretty much over. I think after watching his preseason games with the Patriots, most people were sick to their stomach after watching him attempt to pass.

The Rams, Texans, Eagles, Raiders, Vikings, and the Jaguars have all been rumors that I have read about. I am sure there are plenty more but these are the ones that I have seen. When it comes down to a logical fit for Tebow, there are only about two teams that he would fit in for. Philly and Jacksonville.

I don't see him being signed by the Eagles mainly because Vick will be back soon and well, the difference between Tebow and Vick is their passing game. As for Jacksonville, Tebow would be brought in for the selling of tickets and merchandise. He can't be much worse than Gabbert or any of the other Jaguar QB's. This is about the only rumor that I would even consider to be somewhat true. Jacksonville has expressed how much they don't want him. It might change but I would doubt it. 

Tebow really doesn't stand a chance to be signed by any NFL team. It's starting to get a little late for a team to bring in a new QB to learn the system. I think the only way Tebow will ever play NFL football will either be by changing his position or changing his position. Timmy T can play many different positions. He has the talent, size, and speed to do so. Only way he will play QB will be by playing for a CFL or AFL team. So I would recommend to stop thinking that Tebow will get signed when he honestly doesn't have a shot at getting signed.