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Latest Status on Michael Vick


Today, Vick took his first reps with the starting offense for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is in fact expected to start this week against the New York Giants who just came off their first win. 

This is great news for all the Eagle fans out there. Vick returning might end the Philly has not been very good and this game against the Giants is a huge one. Last time they faced off, the Eagles won. I would expect that they look to do the same.

With Vick returning this helps their chances of winning big time. Foles is out and what we saw from Barkley is something that we never want to see again. The Eagels are chasing the Cowboys for that first place in the division. Can they do it? Maybe. The answer is a healthy and productive Vick. As of this week, now is the time for the Eagles to make a push.