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Karma Fires Back at Red Sox

 If you didn't watch Game 3 of the World Series, you sure did miss out. After both teams played a good ball game all the way up to the ninth inning, tied. It was the bottom of the ninth inning and it was the Cardinals last shot to win the game. 

Jon Jay was up to bat with runners in scoring position on second and third. Jay grounded the ball to the second baseman who then threw out Molina who was headed for home. Jarrod Saltalamacchia then threw the ball for the double play at third but ended up off target. What happened next, decided the game. Middlebrooks, who was laying on the ground, tripped up Craig who was headed for home plate. This was called as an obstruction call and the Cardinals went on to win. Check out the full play here: 

Whether or not you like the call, it is the correct one. The rule states that if there is anyone in the path of a runner that causes the advancement of a runner. That has nothing to do with Middlebrooks doing it on purpose or not. It's the rule and it was the correct call.

I look at this as karma for the Red Sox. Remember in Game 1 when the umpires got together and reversed the call? You never see that in baseball. The umpires should've stuck with what they called on the field. That call that was made, screwed the Cardinals, even though it was the correct call. Now tonight, the Red Sox got a taste of their own medicine. 

Nobody likes to see the game end this way. The rule was the rule and there is nothing that can be done about it. Personally to me, it looks like Middlebrooks lifted his legs up on purpose. Now if that was true or not, it doesn't matter because of the rule. 

Very dramatic end to tonight's game. That's really how this series has been. Give me your thoughts on the call by tweeting me @BFSportsTalk or leaving a comment below.