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Nate Burleson Recieves Free Pizza for a Year


Detroit Lions Nate Burleson has scored big time. Maybe not the way the Detroit Lions would like him too, but with his appetite he sure did. Burleson was injured with a broken forearm after being in a car accident while he was reaching for falling pizza box. 

DiGiorno Pizza was kind and sent him coupons for a years worth of free pizza. Burleson tweeted out an Instagram photo of a letter the pizza company sent him. 

It read this: 

"Hello Nate, We hope you are feeling better after your recent car accident and are on the road to recovery," it also stated. "DiGiorno Pizza understands the challenges that come with carry out and delivery pizza so we're sending you a gift along with a year supply of DiGorno pizza so you can skip carry out."

To say I am jealous of Burleson would be an understatement. I would totally break my forearm if I could get a years supply of DiGiorno Pizza.

Burleson is close to returning at a time where the Lions could really use him. Who knows, maybe he could treat his team to some pizza as a welcome back party for himself.