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Last NBA Season For Kobe?

 Could this be Kobe Bryant's last year? Let's think about it. Kobe is coming back off of an Achilles injury. Bryant is 35 and has had a lot of wear and tear on his body going into his 18th season. He won't even be ready for the season opener. There is no doubt that Kobe will come back and play. The question is, how good will he be?

No one can really be for sure. Coming back from an injury like he did, Kobe might not be the same player as before. Why do I think this might be his last year? Easy and simple answer. Kobe is a winner. Winners like Kobe aren't going to stick around with a team that won't make it far in the playoffs. I don't see the Lakers making it very far in the playoffs. I currently have them barely making it in as an 8th seed. Bryant won't be around long if the Lakers don't become a serious NBA title contender. At this point, I think Kobe is focusing more on his health.

Los Angeles didn't do very well last year and I think that will continue into this year. Pretty soon, it will be time for L.A. to start rebuilding. Kobe this year won't be as productive as he was in the past. This is why I think Bryant will retire after this year. There comes a point when a player has had enough and I believe Bryant will be to that point after this season.