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Vick Out, Foles Good to Go


After being injured once again, Michael Vick is not going to play this week. It seemed as if we were going to see another frightening performance from Barkley. By the many prayers of Eagle fans, it has been confirmed that Nick Foles is good to go.

Foles who suffered a concussion and sat out last week, is expected to be the starter this week. He said that he was "ready to play". 

The reps are being shared between Foles and Barkley this week. Somehow, someway, Barkley still continues to get a chance. Looking for a fantasy QB? Foles could be an option for this week. Don't touch Barkley.

Philadelphia lost to the Giants last week giving them their second win. Hopefully this week can be different. That is of course if Foles can stay protected by that terrible offensive line that Philly has.