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Justin Blackmon Suspended Rest of Season

  What talent that the Jacksonville Jaguars did have, just got taken away. Jaguars WR Justin Blackmon has been suspended for the rest of this season. He has been suspended due to the fact that he violated the NFL substance abuse policy.

This is now the second time that Blackmon has committed this crime. He already missed the first four games this season after he violated the policy back in April. 

Should the Jaguars cut their relationship with Blackmon? I think so. Blackmon really hasn't performed as well as he could. You could blame part of that with the fact that they have no QB. However, Blackmon has now done this twice. Most guys would learn after the first time. What strikes me is that this is the second time within the same year!

Ugly news for Jacksonville and now without Blackmon running routes, could Jacksonville go winless this entire season? It's very likely, and with Blackmon out, that doesn't help the team at all.