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NFL Game of the Week: Packers vs. Bears


This Monday night, we have a great matchup that includes two teams that are fighting for the top spot in the division. The Bears have a chance to tie the division up between them and Green Bay if the Lions lose this week.

Green Bay has taken some rough injuries, but that is no reason for them to lay down and give up the first spot. If Green Bay wants to beat the Bears this week, they will win with their defense. The Bears are in a sticky situation with their QB position. Josh McCown has taken over since Jay Cutler went down. If Green Bay can shut down the Bears offense and go up quickly in the game, the Packers should have this game in the bag.

As for Chicago, it might be more of an uphill battle for them to win this game. Chicago is in search of a win after losing to the Redskins last week. The next two weeks are huge for them. They are scheduled to play the Packers this week and then the Lions the following week. This game against Green Bay is very important. To win this game however, it is going to take a solid defense and Josh McCown is going to have to play the game of his life. With Brandon Marshall, this can be done. Keep in mind they have Matt Forte who needs to run over this Packer defense in order to win. The pass game and run game will be crucial for the Bears.

All in all, this is a great rivalry game that should be fun to watch. If the Bears won and the Lions won this week, Detroit would be ahead of the division. Green Bay is looking to win and keep their current division lead. Look for a great game. Who do you have?