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Russell Westbrook Returns to Thunder Lineup


We had the return of Derrick Rose already, and finally tonight, we get to see the return of Russell Westbrook. Last year in the playoffs, we saw that Kevin Durant really can't take the team on his own and win without his partner in crime, Russell Westbrook. This will be his first start since suffering his knee injury last year.

Having Westbrook back in the starting lineup is huge. Westbrook is easily one of the best PG in the NBA today and with his return, the Thunder should be able to start flattening teams. What Westbrook brings to the table for the Thunder is huge. He brings speed, scoring, and great leadership back to the team. Sure KD has some of that, but he doesn't have it all. 

The Thunder play the Suns tonight. It will be interesting to see how Westbrook plays and how many minutes he will get tonight. The Thunder may have a run at the NBA Finals if they can keep Westbrook healthy.