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Eagles Fly Past Raiders; Foles Records 7 Touchdowns

 Many questions coming into today's matchup between the Eagles and the Raiders. Foles was coming back from a concussion, Pryor and the Raiders were looking for a win, and Chip Kelly was trying to prove that he was still capable of being an NFL coach.

What we didn't expect was for Nick Foles to go in and throw 7 touchdowns in today's game. Foles, who has been a backup QB most of the year, tied an NFL record for most touchdowns in a game. We saw Peyton Manning throw 7 touchdowns against the Ravens week 1. Most people would have expected someone like Brees or Brady to play a game like Foles did. 

The Raiders had no answers defensively or offensively. Oakland's punter had a very active game for them. In fact, he might be the MVP for the Raiders. Foles couldn't be stopped as he threw 7 touchdowns for 406 yards against the Raider Nation. 

So has this answered questions for the Eagles? Possibly. Keep in mind that it is the Raiders who really aren't that great. You can't take any credit away from the Eagles however, as they simply obliterated Oakland. Foles probably has now finally won the starting job. As for Vick, well, he might be seeing the clipboard when he gets healthy. Chip Kelly had great play calling and showed his critics that he is an NFL coach. Their division is still up for grabs and this was a huge win for the Eagles as they are chasing the Dallas Cowboys in the division.