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Can the Jets Make the Playoffs?


One of the more surprising teams this year, would be the New York Jets. As most people, including myself, expected the Jets to be the worst team in the league this year. Currently, they sit with a 5-4 record and place second in their division. So can they make the playoffs?

Geno Smith sure has played pretty well for being thrown into a mess. He has led fourth quarter comebacks to win, beaten a solid team like the Saints, and has played his heart out. The only team that stands in front of them in the AFC East is the Patriots, who have looked like a roller coaster team this season so far. 

When you look at it, the Jets don't really have tough schedule to finish out the season. If they play like they did against the Saints, they should be able to win all 7 games. The Jets should be able to at least get in as a wild card. New York could make a push for first in the division. New England has two tough games as they play Carolina and Denver still. Those two games are no given games. 

With the recent success that New York has had, they very well could be on their way to the playoffs. Maybe Rex Ryan even has saved his job in the process. He has really taken the reigns over the defense while Geno has gotten it done for them on the offensive side. Don't count out the New York Jets just yet.