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Top 3 Players That Must Participate In the Dunk Contest


What happened to the classic dunk contests that we saw back in the Jordan era? Now all we see, are no-namers who come out and participate in a dunk contest that usually fails to entertain me. For instance, take Jeremy Evans who plays for the Utah Jazz. He won the dunk contest a few years ago. Nobody even knew who he was. I knew who Evans was. I had the awesome opportunity to play one on one with Evans and yes, he dunked on me. 

Magic Johnson offered a million dollars to players like LeBron to participate in the dunk contest. This is absolutely ridiculous! Paying players to participate in a dunk contest? Absurd I must say! We as fans need to demand players we actually want to see. The NBA should have fans vote online for who they want in the dunk contest. This might actually be a solution.

Here are the top 3 players that I believe should participate in the dunk contest this year.

1.) LeBron James - I am pretty sure that any NBA fan would vote for LeBron on a dunk contest ballet. He has always been known as that power player that finishes a drive or a fast-break with a dunk. In fact, here are 28 awesome LeBron dunks: 

2.) Blake Griffin - Now I will give Griffin some credit as he already has won a slam dunk competition before. However, he needs to get back into it and claim his title once more. Griffin has had slam dunk contest worthy dunks in some games. Here are some of Griffin's best dunks: 

3.) Victor Oladipo - Yes he is only a rookie, but he will have more highlights to come. This dude is a monster and can definately compete in a slam dunk contest. In case you didn't see his amazing 360 dunk during a game against Brooklyn, here it is: 

These are my top 3 that I think should be in the dunk contest. There are plenty more. I would love to hear who you think should be in the NBA dunk contest this year. Leave a comment below or tweet me @BFSportsTalk.