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Dolphins Coaches Asked Incognito to Toughen Up Martin


Yet again, this case involving Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin takes another unpredictable turn. According to sources, Dolphins coaches asked Richie Incognito to toughen up Martin after he missed a voluntary workout last spring. 

Did Incognito misunderstand the coaches? Did the coaches word it strange when they said to "toughen" Martin up? Based off of everything that has been said about this case, we can't be sure. We don't know exactly what was said by the Dolphins coaches or who even said it. This has been a dramatic case, almost as dramatic as the Aaron Hernandez situation. Whether or not Incognito misunderstood or not, he took it way too far. Racial slurs, threats, and forcing Martin to pay for unnecessary things in my mind are not exactly "toughening him up".

A member of the Miami Dolphins said that "Richie is the type of guy where if he's on your team you love him, if he's not on your team, you hate him". That's a pretty bold statement.

I am almost certain that Incognito will manipulate this new piece to the puzzle to make it seem like he is innocent. Whether the NFL believes that or not, well, only time will tell.