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Dwight Howard Says He Would Fight in UFC


Dwight Howard made it known that he he is interested in one day competing in UFC...but at a price. Howard stated that he would do it for 10 million. He said that he would do it now, but it goes against his contract he currently has. 

Would Howard survive long? This might be a fight even the 47 year old Mike Tyson could win with his hands tied. At least Howard did admit he knew he would get knocked out, but stated that he "would eventually get back up one day". 

This is just yet another attempt for Howard to gain attention to himself. He sure knows how to do it. It has me and many others writing about it. Whatever it is, it works. For now, I think Howard needs to focus on his NBA career and the goal of a championship before he goes and fights in the UFC. Even if Howard did this, it would have to be when he is older or if he did it when he became a free agent. How long do you think Howard would survive in a legitimate UFC fight? Comment or tweet me @BFSportsTalk