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Is Incognito the Victim?


It seems as if these past few days, the tables are turning on Martin. I am not going to elaborate on the whole situation, as we all know the main story. What Incognito did was wrong there is no doubt about that. What has happened that last few days has been pretty interesting.

Yesterday, most players were talking to the media about the situation. What strikes me, is that the Miami players were sticking up for Incognito and treating it as if he was almost the victim. Players said that Incognito and Martin were best of friends a few weeks ago. QB Ryan Tannehill even said that Incognito had Martin's back and even stated that Incognito said Martin was like his "little brother". 

Is Incognito the victim? Based on Miami's reaction to this whole thing, he could possibly be one. When the players of the locker room were asked if Martin could return, they gave a mixed feeling towards the idea. Miami's left tackle Bryant McKinnie said "Everybody knows Richie as a person, his personality, and how he was in the locker room. For him to be portrayed as a racist bully, it's kind of difficult for the guys to see that in the locker room because they actually know him."

What is happening in Miami is the last thing that they need. They play a huge game against Tampa this week. If Miami doesn't win, then it might be the end of their season.