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Thursday Night Upsets


There were several games across the board that ended up in upsets last night. The Lakers played Houston, Oregon and Stanford played, Oklahoma and Baylor played as well, and you could also throw in the Vikings vs Redskins game.

Los Angeles and Houston faced off for the first time this season. In my opinion, Los Angeles is not as talented on paper as the Rockets are. This was a dramatic game, as Dwight Howard who abandoned the Lakers for Houston was playing in white and red. I didn't get to watch the game as many of the other games had my interests, but Steve Blake hit a game winning three to put the Lakers up 99-98. Rockets have looked pretty good this season. Lakers have been in a little trouble. Either way, it was a great game that was close or tied most of the game. Enjoy the upset Los Angeles.

The Oregon vs Stanford game was probably the biggest game of the year. Both are very talented teams that are looking for a way into the championship. Oregon's hopes were crushed last night as Stanford beat them 26-20. Heart breaker for the Ducks and their fans. FSU now has a good shot at moving up in the poles.

Oklahoma and Baylor also played. It was weird having a double header on a Thursday night for college football. Baylor has been an underrated team this year and they came out and showed that they are winners last night. In fact, Oklahoma got obliterated. Final score was 41 to 12 Baylor. 

Lastly, the Vikings and Redskins played on Thursday Night Football. Lots of interesting topics for the Vikings and Redskins in this game. Ponder was the starter for the Vikings and had played a phenomenal game until he got injured when he tried to leap for a touchdown. Once again...a left shoulder injury. Redskins couldn't keep RG3 up, as he got sacked plenty last night. Vikings ran away with this one 34-27.