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Heisman Trophy Race: Don't Count Out Manziel

Among the players that are in the hunt for the Heisman, you can't count out Johnny Manziel. Arguably, Manziel is have just as good of a season if not better than his Heisman winning season last year. Just look at the stats: 

He also just threw 5 touchdowns against Mississippi State this weekend. Last time I checked, 5 touchdowns is 5 touchdowns, doesn't matter who the team is. 

What might keep Manziel from winning the beloved trophy this year, is his terrible actions off the field. From partying at Texas, to signing autographs for money, Manziel has been nothing but terrible. I would say that his stock for winning the Heisman went up. 

Marcus Mariota played terrible against a Stanford team that just ran Oregon over. Mariota pretty much had the Heisman locked up in my opinion. All he had to do was finish out the season. After a performance like he recently just had, I don't think he can come back from that.

I would also throw in AJ McCarron who has been absolutely incredible for Alabama. Last night, he lead his team on to beat the LSU Tigers. Alabama is more than likely the BCS Champions this year. Nobody has been able to stop them and when you have a coach like Nick Saban, you are destined to win.

Manziel is flying under the radar. He has had quite the season. Whoever ends up in New York with the trophy in their hands will more than likely be the correct winner. Wouldn't it be something if Johnny Manziel won it two years in a row?