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Tavon Austin Finally Breaks Out


I picked Tavon Austin to be the rookie of the year. Unfortunately, he hasn't' been able to do much due to the fact Sam Bradford is hurt and the backup QB Kellen Clemmens hasn't played well. Even with Bradford as a starter Austin couldn't get anything done. That could be blamed on the Rams O-Line. 

He sure showed up for the game against the Colts however. Austin had 3 touchdowns and one of those included a 98-yard punt return. Is this the Tavon Austin that we have all longed to see? I think you could make that conclusion.

Here is his awesome 98-yard punt return: 

For you fantasy owners who dropped him, you might consider picking him back up. Especially if the Rams start to put the jets on for the second half of this season. After seeing what he did today against a good Colts team, there is no arguing what he can provide for the Rams.