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BCS Week 12 Rankings


  With an exciting, dramatic, fun to watch weekend of college football, the BCS Rankings came out officially for week 12. There were lots of moves, especially at the top of the list. Check out this nice list that Bleacher Report made:

Sitting atop the list is Alabama who played LSU this weekend. While the Tigers gave Alabama a scare, it was nothing the Tide couldn't handle.

Florida State who has been phenomenal this year, they moved up with Oregon blowing their chances at a perfect season. FSU beat Wake Forest pretty bad. With a solid defense and a Heisman quarterback candidate, this team could be in the BCS Title game.

Easy week for Ohio as they had a bye and moved up by default.

As for the Stanford Cardinals, the win against Oregon was huge. They completely manhandled the Ducks in a way no team wants to be handled. Stanford played great defense and ran the ball as they pleased. 

Baylor is probably the most compelling team yet, and they still have a chance to move up in the rankings. Bryce Petty has played great and is also a Heisman candidate. He threw a total of 5 touchdowns against Oklahoma.

No matter what happens, you have to love college football. Plenty of football left to be played. Who knows what could happen.