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Jags and Bucs Win, Chiefs to Lose?

So the Jaguars and Buccaneers won. I even called it on my show. In fact, I will be starting a new hash tag for all of you Twitter users. Be sure to start checking for #PicksWithFlack on Twitter and Facebook. Vegas, you can thank me later. 

So it took the Jaguars and Buccaneers 10 weeks to win a game. Does this mean that since there are no longer any winless teams that the Chiefs will lose this week against Denver?  

This is the matchup that we have waited so long for. Sunday night, undefeated Kansas City will square off against the 8-1 Broncos. As I am a Bronco fan, I will of course choose Denver to win it. When I look at the strength of the Chiefs schedule that they have played, well, it isn't impressive.

Same goes for Denver but the Broncos played a very different Dallas Cowboys team than Kansas City did. Denver has also played the Colts who are a very good team.

As for Kansas City, they really haven't had any impressive wins. Sure they are playing NFL football, but when the best team you have played against is the Dallas Cowboys who were not that good week 2, not impressive.

I am not just saying this because I am a Broncos fan. You can't take anything away from what the Chiefs have accomplished this season. It is great. I think their streak comes to an end this week. With the emotions running high in Denver and Kansas City coming off a bye week, this should be a great game.

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