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What You Don't Know About Nick Foles May Hurt You


Chip Kelly is insane for not naming him the official starter. After his recent performances, there is not one reason why he shouldn't be the rest of this years starter. I honestly thing Foles can take this Eagles team to the playoffs. They say "what you don't know can't hurt you" when in fact it should be "what you don't know about Nick Foles can hurt you". 

If I was to ask you if Nick Foles had thrown an interception this year, you probably would say yes. I would then continue on to ask you how many and continue to make you look silly. The truth is, Nick Foles has thrown 16 touchdowns and NO interceptions in the 7 games he has started. Mindblowing, I know. As an NFL defense, seeing that stat is scary. We saw something similar in Peyton Manning this year until he threw his first one against Dallas. Last time I checked, a quarterback who has as good of stats as Foles is a starter.

I bet I could also tell you Foles this year has a Passer Rating of 132.5. The way that Foles has been playing so far, Vick may be out of a job next year. I honestly don't understand why Chip Kelly won't give him the starting job. He has earned it. Especially when you go out and throw 16 touchdowns with 0 interceptions and only 1 fumble. You don't see that very often. What else does Foles have to prove? Nothing, this man deserves the job!