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Dwayne Bowe Arrested for Possession of Marijuana


Dwayne Bowe was arrested for the possession of Marijuana Sunday night. With the Chiefs and their perfect season so far, things have taken a sharp turn. Bowe was pulled over for speeding and then busted for the possession of Marijuana. This is bad news for Kansas City as they play the division rival Broncos this week. 

It is unclear what Bowe's status will be for this week. The Chiefs refused to comment on the situation. We also don't know if Bowe will be punished by the team or the league. After Von Miller's suspension that was handed down by the league, it would be hard not to see the league stepping in. 

If Bowe is missing this week, the Chiefs will be in a world of hurt. Not having the best WR on the team would hurt any team. As for the Broncos, this is great news. One less big threat that the Chiefs have. Check back later for the status of Bowe.