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Matt Flynn Revived

After being traded to the Seahawks by the Packers, he has been reunited with his old colleagues. Flynn didn't really turn out to be great in Seattle and a guy named Russell Wilson took the reigns as the starter. As for Oakland this year, he had the starting job. We all know that he ended up giving that job up to Pryor who hasn't done too bad. Here is what I am currently curious about. That is, does Matt Flynn have any hard feelings against the Packers?

It's hard to say. He did fill in nice as a backup when he played for Green Bay. It looks as if this will be his role when Aaron Rodgers returns. What will be interesting, is to watch him as the starter while Rodgers is out. 

This was a smart move by Green Bay. They brought in experience, something that Seneca Wallace didn't have with the Packers offense. Bringing in someone with experience was a very smart move that in the end might save their playoff spot. It all boils down to Matt Flynn and if he can perform well. Based off of his days in Oakland, you Packer fans might be crying. I think Flynn will come in and play a lot better though. This is the Green Bay Packers and not the Oakland Raiders.

The Packers play the Giants who have been on a 3-game winning streak. This is a must win game for the Packers who are fighting for first place. The Giants also need the win and if they do...well...they could potentially be in the playoff race. The game kicks off in the afternoon on FOX.