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Is Terrelle Pryor the Answer to the Raiders Future?


Reality check real quick. The Raiders won't make the playoffs this year. They sit at the last spot in the AFC West and it has once again, been an unsuccessful season. You can't really say that they were "bad", it's been more of a rebuilding year. We have witnessed Pryor come out and take the starting job from Flynn who looked terrible. Oakland shined in some areas and didn't in others.

Does Oakland move on with Pryor? He hasn't had a bad season at all. In fact, Pryor has been better than anyone they have had in the past couple of years. I say roll with him for the future of Oakland. I will say that if they do get a high draft pick, you have to take a chance on someone like Winston or McCarron. Shoot, maybe even Manziel. There is a lot of talent coming into the draft this year. The Raiders also might want to upgrade their offensive line and their wide receivers. 

It should be interesting to see what Oakland does. Either way, you have to give Pryor credit for this year. He has been the face of the raiders this year.