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Barnes Sends a $25K Tweet Out

We all have done something stupid before, and quite frankly we more than often see stupid actions from professional athletes. Matt Barnes who now plays for the Los Angeles Clippers sent out something he more than likely regrets now. Barnes who was ejected in the game against OKC decided to rant and vent on Twitter. Great idea right? Not at all. In fact, he realized it was so stupid that he deleted it and apologized but was then fined $25,000 big ones by the NBA.

Here is the tweet that Barnes sent out: 

Well it wouldn't cost you as much money...if you didn't make stupid tweets! Think before you act is something to live by, and young kids, make this an example of what NOT to do. You are probably wondering how Barnes was ejected in the first place. Well thanks to YouTube and ESPN here is the play:

Until the next stupid tweet, that's all I have for you from the latest Twitter news!