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I'm Donating a Quarter for Every 100 Views to Suicide Prevention


Around this time of the year, and into the months of December and January, I usually like to be generous to others. I have been notified that some of my friends who have bands, are playing a benefit concert for suicide prevention. I had them on my show to talk about it and it sounded like a really good cause. I have decided to donate a quarter for every 100 views my blog gets from now until Dec. 6th. That is plenty of time to build up the donation! I also love to participate in the Make-A-Wish cause that our school holds yearly. I will also be doing this for that too. 

Make sure to view my blog daily, I really want to donate a lot to this cause. I will make sure to keep tweeting about it and posting it on the Coach and the Kid Facebook page. Any help spreading the word would be appreciated. I am hoping that the donation that will be made, will save just one life and maybe more.