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Is Fighting Good or Bad for the NHL?

I am by no means a hockey fan. It's just not who I am. Although I will sit down and watch hockey highlights on ESPN, the fights are the only entertaining part. There is a lot of violence in the world of sports today. For those of you who have young kids of your own who watch hockey, is it necessarily good for them?

The NHL has plenty of fights, and one question I ask is, "Is fighting good or bad for the sport of hockey"? The answer is yes and no.

Yes fighting in hockey is great for the sport because it brings that thrill that all sports fans love. As fans, you can't deny that seeing a bone-chilling hit in hockey is boring. I think that is what keeps me from turning off the highlights. Fights are also something that keeps the audiences attention. It is great for the sport in that sense, but is it teaching the youth and children different?

Violence in any sense isn't good for anyone, especially for the youth of today. You can say that they learn it from their favorite video game, so on and so forth. However, what about the kid who watches hockey with his dad, and the next second, is whaling on his little sister because he saw his favorite hockey player doing it. In this case, fighting and violence in not only hockey, but in sports as a whole is terrible. 

So should the NHL ban fighting and make it a big fine. Maybe something similar to what the NFL has done with head to head hits? For the children, yes. As for the fans, no. What is your stance on this? Tweet me @CoachAndTheKid or leave a comment below!