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NFL: We Need More "The Fridge" Type of Guys

Ah, yes, remember William Perry the 335 lb running back who ran dudes over for touchdowns? Of course, I wasn't born then but I have managed to watch quite a bit of film of Perry. The Bears dared to go where no other team did. They took their offensive lineman and put him in at the running back position. Mainly on the goal line where he could just run dudes over. Just check him out for yourself: 

I think the NFL needs more dudes like William Perry. The NFL would be so much more exciting with lineman running the ball full speed on the goal line. Could you imagine that in today's NFL? That would be sweet! Ever since "The Fridge" we really haven't been able to watch a guy like Perry run the ball. Who knows if that would be successful? We can't really know until a team tries it out. So should the NFL try to implement more "Refrigerators" in the game? You tell me!