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Two Types of Fans

There are two types of fans in this world, and no I am not talking about the ones that hang from your ceiling. After watching the hit that Ahmad Brooks put on Drew Brees, I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of fans in this world. 

For the first type of fan, these are the fans from the golden days. Fans that have been following sports for most of their lives. These people enjoy seeing bone-chilling hits and less penalties. As for the second type of fan, this is the modern day fan who is all about safety. They are maybe a perfectionist, everything has to be neat and tidy. These fans want more safety and care for the players.

The hit that potentially cost the 49ers the game, was one that you either sided with fan 1 or fan 2. I personally am a fan 1. I think quarterbacks are too protected by rules these days. I love to see the good old footage when quarterbacks were the tough guys of the NFL. They took shots and dealt with the pain. Quarterbacks now days are too protected. There is a line that shouldn't be crossed, but for the most part, you have to allow defensive players knock around the quarterback. If you didn't see the hit, here it is:

It wasn't a head to head hit. It wasn't anything really that bad. Just a solid hit. Maybe a little high, but it is just part of the game. Are you fan 1 or fan 2?