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LeBron Will Never Become Jordan

  LeBron will never become Jordan, and neither will Kobe. I was listening to SVP and Russillo on ESPN radio and they brought up and interesting point. On their show, they said that nobody will ever be Michael because of the way fans are today and the impact he had on basketball. The point was, that LeBron who is the best basketball player on the planet, and any other basketball player are measured up to Jordan and his accomplishments. They said that you don't ever hear people saying "Peyton will never be the next Montana". You always hear people say "LeBron will never be the next Jordan". 

I find this interesting. If you do think about it, LeBron is at an unfair advantage. People judge him based off of what Jordan did. LeBron is an unfair shadow that he can't control. Nobody will ever become the next Jordan, simply because every player will come up short when in the hands of Jordan! It's rather weird how it is only in the sport of basketball that we see it. We don't see this in the NFL or MLB. Only basketball. People only find the negatives about LeBron. The rings, missed shots, games lost etc. The list goes on and on. I love LeBron personally. He is the best basketball player in the world right now. James plays at such a high level, it is some of the best basketball we have seen in a long time. As basketball fans, we need to take a chill pill and appreciate how he plays.